Dental Implants and Teeth In A Day

Will I Ever Be Without Teeth?

Patients researching their options to restore their smile with dental implants have some important concepts to understand so that they can make well-educated decisions surrounding comfort, function, and esthetics based on their treatment objectives.

The most common question asked by patients about the treatment process is “will I ever be without teeth”? Rest assured, the Hybridge process has been designed to alleviate this fear and many of the concerns that consumers have when facing the replacement of all of their teeth. With Hybridge, patients who are going through a full mouth restoration will always receive high quality temporary teeth the same day their natural teeth are removed. Which temporary interim option is selected is dependent upon the specific dental condition that a patient presents, as well as their budget.

Temporary Teeth Options:

Fixed teeth in a day refers to teeth that are affixed to the implants in a way that doesn’t allow the patient to remove them daily. Fixed interim teeth are certainly not a requirement to have during the Hybridge treatment process, but rather an optional part of the treatment, done to improve comfort until the final Hybridge teeth are delivered. Making sure all patients experience minimal inconvenience, discomfort, and disruption in their lives is of paramount importance.

For some patients, wearing a removable temporary denture during the healing phase seems uncomfortable or does not provide them the level of function desired. Hybridge’s fixed solution, Hybridge XD (Express Digital), can be an answer for these patients. Hybridge XD is defined as a “temporary Hybridge” that is designed to last during the healing phase, allowing the patient to have a fixed restoration in place for a greater sense of comfort and function. Hybridge Express can be inserted the same day as the surgery, the day after the implant surgery, or in some cases, it is better for the patient to wait until the gums have had some initial healing, for 10 days, when the stitches are removed. This is referred to as Hybridge Express Ten Day.

The primary advantage of Hybridge Express is that it creates the appearance of beautiful, natural teeth immediately and that there is no pressure on the underlying gums that could create discomfort after the surgery. Patients also like the notion that their teeth are fixed in, and that there is no need to remove them.

Hybridge Express requires additional appointments and expedited time on behalf of the doctor’s office and the laboratory. Thus, a notable additional cost to the patient is incurred.

Removable teeth in a day refers to a denture which is adapted to fit over the gum tissue and implants if they are placed when the teeth are removed. Half of all Hybridge cases require that removable teeth in a day are worn during initial phases of healing, but this should not be seen as a detriment, as all Hybridge treatment is designed to offer patients significantly reduced treatment time. Some patients will even choose to wear a removable tooth option because they decide that the treatment time is so short, and that it seems redundant to pay the cost to have a Hybridge Express made.

Another benefit to Hybridge removable teeth are that they are high quality and highly esthetic—looking natural from the start. Therefore, patients can enjoy how discreet their Hybridge treatment is, as their interim removable teeth go unnoticed. One disadvantage to the removable interim option is reduced dental function, which limits the ability to freely eat the foods one might normally enjoy until treatment is complete. This option is less expensive than the Hybridge Express fixed option.

So, which temporary option to choose? This is a decision that the Hybridge dentist can help the patient make. The following are some of the questions that will be important to ask and consider when making the right decision for you:

  1. Which jaw are you replacing? The lower jaw is easier to have temporary fixed teeth in a day. Upper jaws have more limited bone, and are therefore, at times, are a less ideal landscape for this fixed interim option.
  2. In my treatment plan presented, will the dental implants be placed when the teeth are removed? If so, according to the Hybridge dentist’s assessment, will those implants be initially ready support the fixed Teeth Express option? 
  3. How long will my proposed Hybridge treatment take to complete? In many cases, the actual treatment time to completion is very short. If the final treatment is finished so quickly, is it necessary to make a fixed temporary restoration?
  4. How many additional appointments will be required to provide me with a fixed Teeth Express option, and at what expense?

The best way to decide the proper path from start to finish with the Hybridge Full Arch solution, is to have a digital 3-D CT scan to evaluate the big picture of your dental situation with the Hybridge dentist. Once evaluated, your Hybridge-certified dentist will recommend what’s most appropriate, with your safety and comfort in mind.