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Proven Full Arch System For Dental Practice Growth

The Hybridge full arch practice growth system is highly adaptable to practices of different specialties.  It works in large or small markets and can be customized for practices with varying degrees of risk tolerance.  While the focus of Hybridge is on full arch restorations, it impacts a wide range of complex, restorative dentistry and, thus, your entire implant practice. By combining a proven practice growth program and streamlined clinical protocol, along with a marketing and advertising agency that specializes in the full arch space, dentists have significantly grown full arch dental implant case volume as well as traditional dental implant procedures.  Hybridge has been adopted in more than 35 markets all across the United States and has been honed for over a decade.  Doctors throughout the US have an opportunity to get involved in the exciting growth this full arch system is producing, while increasing their efficiency and lowering costs to their practice and their patients.

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  • Eliminating chairside temporaries and conversions
  • Utilizing a complete ecosystem to enable and support full arch cases
  • Simplified Training and standardized protocols
  • Digitally integrated workflow with a dedicated full-arch laboratory
  • Advanced practice management tools
  • Ongoing staff training and support
  • Strategic alliances and with like-minded dental practice owners
  • Ongoing full arch R&D that advances both product and prosthetic design
  • An adaptable practice growth model
  • Working with an agency specializing in full-arch marketing and advertising (Optional)
  • A library of full-arch marketing assets and patient educational materials
  • Fulfilling your promise to the patient...

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