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Hybridge Network Marketing and Advertising

Hybridge is a business model that helps a dental practice grow their full-arch business. Not only does Hybridge offer a streamlined, efficient, repeatable protocol, but also provides a full coaching component for staff and a one-on-one laboratory mentor to ensure the best full-arch solution for patients. Doctors who choose to advertise the brand work with a full-service marketing communications agency specializing in lead generation in the full arch dental implant space. Our proven partnership means you get the best duo to help grow your business because Hybridge knows how to market full arches because of our experience in the space and Tipping Point’s strategic media know how means your message is seen by the right people at the right time. Together, we bring that knowledge to bear with a team of full arch and marketing experts dedicated to your success with Hybridge. The comprehensive team includes media planners, strategists, and buyers that focus on building, buying, and executing effective, optimized buys both online (digital marketing, social media, pay per click, video and banner ads) and in traditional mediums (TV, print, radio). And as a part of the Hybridge Network, you have access to any and all Hybridge branded assets you may need for your marketing campaigns, including graphic designers and copywriters when projects call for it.

We understand that implant practice growth takes proper planning and that not all markets are alike. We also know that not every dental practice has the same tolerance for risk so much time and care is taken in customizing the right plan for your dental implant business. Whether mass media incorporating broadcast TV, cable, radio and digital to position your practice as the dominant center for dental implants in your area or a complement strategy that plugs in seamlessly with your current marketing efforts, we have what it takes to help you grow your dental implant practice.

Below is just a small sampling of the assets that are available to Hybridge Network members.

TV Advertising Examples

Example's of 30 Second TV spots which address both Patient, Brand Building, and Technology themes.

Each year we produce professional high-quality video assets for use in Broadcast and Cable TV, as well as for online video advertising.  With over 20 different types of commercials in our library and each customizable with your information, as a member of the Hybridge Network, you'll have powerful visual assets at your fingertips.



Patient Education Examples

Example's of Whiteboard Patient Educational Videos.

We've created educational resources that speak to potential patients in a simple and non-intimidating way.  Educating potential patients assists them in making a well-informed decision.  As a member of the Hybridge Network, you'll have access to these patient education tools for use in your office and on your practice's website.










Radio Advertising Examples

Example's of Various Length Radio Spots with Hybridge Patient Dianna

Hybridge Advice 30s Rochester  
Financial 30s Rochester  
Dr. First Meeting 60s Rochester  








Newspaper & Magazines

Examples of various print advertisements designed for use in Newspapers and Magazines.

As part of an over all healthy strategy, many markets find Newspaper and Print advertising to be an integral part of their marketing strategy.  Hybridge Network members can choose from dozens of different messages and each will be customized with your information.

hybBuff BuffaloNews Gamble Seminar 5 TN     New Haven Hybridge Print Example



Print Collateral

Designed to provide information to potential patients in different scenarios.

Whether it's a poster for your patient lounge, a counter top sign in your reception area, or educational brochures, Hybridge members have access to professional, high quality, customized designs that will help share your Hybridge message both inside and outside your office.

Office Poster
    hybSkyway Counter Top Sign 8 h325


Digital Advertising

Digital ads designed for use in all times of display advertising from traditional display and Facebook, to Pandora.

We've found digital advertising to be a highly effective way to reach patients with dental implant needs.  Utilizing targeted and behavioral digital advertising, Hybridge members will have the ability to speak to those people in their area who have the greatest need for your life changing solutions.


hybSkyw BradentonRanchHerald Seminar ScottBrand       hybSkyw Bradenton Seminar Erica 300x250 


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