What is Hybridge?
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What is Hybridge?

Full Arch Cases vs Time Effort Money

Hybridge is a protocol, a product, and the opportunity to utilize a business model that enables you to fulfill your promise to the patient.  The degree to which it is any or all of these things depends on the way a practice decides to use it. While the focus of Hybridge is on full arch restorations, it impacts a wide range of complex, restorative dentistry and, thus, your entire implant practice.


The Hybridge Restorative Protocol

One of the strongest advantages of the Hybridge protocol is it incorporates learning from thousands of full arch restorations over twenty years.  More specifically, the Hybridge Dental Implant protocol has been honed for over a decade and has simplified full arch treatment to the level that the dental practitioner can virtually say goodbye to chairside temporaries and conversions forever.

For those new to full arch, the protocol provides a simplified, repetitive process applicable in virtually all cases, giving doctors the confidence to design and execute advanced, reconstructive dentistry cases from initial consult to final prosthesis. 

For those already accomplished in full arch and reconstructive dentistry, the protocol greatly reduces chair and calendar time, enabling the practitioner to increase profitability per case and take on more cases, with predictable outcomes.  Additionally, Hybridge’s custom-designed implants from BioHorizons enable doctors to complete a full arch without abutments, further reducing practitioner costs and saving patients money. Case times from initial surgery to final prostheses range from as little as three weeks for edentulous mandibular starts, to sixteen weeks for dentate maxilla starts.


As a Product

The Hybridge Laboratory produces the industry’s finest quality prostheses. With twenty years of experience, Hybridge has witnessed the consequences of full arch design on longevity, fixability, adjustment, and maintenance. Now on the fourth generation design, Hybridge is utilizing the latest ceramic-infused resins that provide durability approaching that of ceramic, workability similar to acrylic, and the best aesthetics in the market, bar none.  For those cases that require it, Hybridge continues to provide a full range of zirconia prostheses and uses the same advanced materials in crowns, bridges, and single-tooth prostheses, as well.

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As a Business Model

Integrated Business Model WheelHybridge offers a complete, end-to-end program to drive growth in high-end restorative dentistry. We can design and implement marketing programs customized to your local market and budget, leveraging the Hybridge national brand and presence to bring to you more high-value restorative cases. For those with smaller budgets, we have a digital marketing program that is designed to intercept consumers in the research phase, nicely complementing your existing patient demand.  For those with more to invest in traditional media and wishing to become a destination center in their local market, we provide marketing assets that will position your practice on par with the national brands, without the same spending. 

We have found, however, that it takes more than inbound traffic to grow a practice successfully and economically. Therefore, the Hybridge business model also has programs and methods to help your practice convert leads into actual cases, keeping prospects engaged until they make the decision to act.  We also provide your office staff with the tools and knowledge needed to play their part not only clinically, but to provide the appropriate patient experience, assisting them as they make their decision to embark on the restorative dentistry journey. 

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