Advanced Full Arch Techniques
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Hybridge Advanced Full Arch Techniques Program

Course Title: Advanced Full Arch Techniques
CE Credits Available

Doctors experienced in fixed full arch know well the challenges these cases present. They see wide variations in chair time, case duration, case costs, prosthetic durability, profitability, and more.

Hybridge has drawn from its experience - spanning 7,000 fixed full-arch cases over two decades - to identify and address the root causes creating those challenges. The result is a set of tools, techniques and protocols that will:

  • Reduce chair time and appointments by 50% or more
  • Shorten the time to a final prosthesis to just a few short weeks
  • Simplify cases and make them predictable from beginning to end

Learn how to make Full Arch cases amongst the most
productive and predictable cases in your practice.

Hybridge’s success in eliminating the many try-ins and set-ups typical of these cases also opened the way to its breakthrough digital protocol: Hybridge XD. Patients receive their final, definitive, prosthesis the same day as sutures are removed. Because scanning occurs after surgery, prostheses are designed to the actual – not theoretical – implant location.

Better manage patient expectations and
leave them satisfied with not only the outcome,
but also the process they underwent.

Be among the first to bring this exciting new protocol to your market, give yourself an advantage, and take your productivity to a whole new level.

Learning Objectives

Part One: Advanced Surgical and Restorative Techniques
for Conventional Full Arch Cases

1. Using the Initial Records Process to Reduce Total Number of Appointments
Learn to use a comprehensive, initial records process to create a prosthetic vision that will follow the case through surgery and to the final prosthesis, eliminating various verification, try-in, and set-up appointments typical of the restorative phase.

2. Surgical Implications on Case Predictability
Using a dentate, mandibular surgery as a baseline, examine the impact various treatment planning decisions have on the cost and complexity of full arch cases, e.g., implant selection, interarch space through alveoloplasty, and implant positioning and trajectory.

3. Best Practices for Managing the Complexities of Maxillary Cases
Review an accelerated protocol for the maxilla that substantially eliminates most all the problems encountered in these cases. Includes best practices to ensure proper esthetics and phonetics, and also impression and indexing techniques to minimize the steps in creating an exacting, final prosthesis.

4. Prosthetic Design Considerations
Discuss the knowledge gained from having followed thousands of full-arch prostheses through their entire lifecycle. Demonstrate how design, material, and manufacturing- process decisions made by doctor and lab during delivery of the case affect adjustability, patient acceptance, prosthetic durability, and even the long-term maintenance costs for the doctor.

5. Preemptively Identifying and Managing Case Complications
Examine a variety of particularly difficult clinical situations encountered over the past two decades, and help the full-arch practitioner better inform treatment plans and manage patient expectations.

Part Two: The Hybridge XD Digital Full-Arch

6. Hybridge XD: From Case Start to Definitive Prosthesis in Three Appointments
Step through the three appointments of the digital protocol: (1) initial records and treatment planning; (2) implant placement and scanning; (3) insertion of final prosthesis.

7. Changing the Economics of Full Arch
Quantify the financial impact of digitizing the restorative phase of full arch cases, and examine the considerations that will help optimize the tradeoffs between productivity and volume.

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