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Welcome to the Hybridge Lab Assistant Seminar Registration

We are excited to offer a new hands-on course which is designed to develop a Hybridge Assistant in your office who may be responsible for the initial records appointment and/or pouring up and mounting models.

This course has been developed out of a need expressed by staff at our Hybridge offices, as well as by the Hybridge Laboratory and is recommended for any office that wants to operate at a high level in the Hybridge network.


Initial Records

  • Identify and become familiar with the criteria for a good alginate
  • Learn procedures for taking a good alginate
  • Master taking a face bow record and bite registration


  • Discuss proper techniques and processes for pouring up models from alginates
  • Learn how to precisely trim models
  • Mount models on the articulator in preparation for sending to the lab


  • Identify which photos are necessary for the initial smile analysis photo series
  • Master the intricacies of taking the photos for the initial smile analysis

Staff members should bring their own camera, as this is a hands on session.  They should also take time to watch the Initial Records video in the Hybridge Mini Series on the website before attending.
Please feel free to contact Kym Meisner at (585) 461-4459 with any questions you may have.

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