Peter L. Thompson, D.D.S. of Portales, NM is excited to offer Eastern New Mexico and West Texas residents a simplified solution to complex dental problems with Hybridge Dental Implants.

Whether a patient is struggling with missing or unhealthy teeth, or troublesome dentures or partials that slip and slide and don’t quite feel right, Hybridge dental implants provide patients with a fixed and permanent, once-and-for-all solution. Patients fed up with spending endless time and money in the dental chair to heroically save teeth with a poor prognosis, can now enjoy significantly shorter treatment time at a fraction of the cost with Hybridge dental implant treatment options.

Dr. Peter ThompsonHybridge patient Dianna rejoices in the finality of Hybridge treatment. She states, “I wanted to be done with all of my dental problems. No more cavities, root canals, or crowns. Because of Hybridge Dental Implants, I’m done! Now, I smile with confidence.”

Based on his experience, Dr. Thompson was deemed the only provider in Portales and surrounding areas to offer this nationally-recognized, proven and simplified approach to a whole new smile. His passion for patient outcomes gives peace of mind to patients, who know their dental care is in the hands of an experienced professional using a proven process that’s been completed on thousands of happy Hybridge patients.

“Hybridge is a fantastic option for those patients that are either missing their teeth or are the point of losing their teeth. It provides you with a beautiful, fixed prosthesis that is affordable, durable and will feel and function like natural teeth,” states Dr. Thompson. 

In addition to his Hybridge-certification, Dr. Thompson has a love for continuing education. He completed his college education at Eastern New Mexico University, and received his DDS degree from the University of Texas. Thereafter, he has focused his continuing education on dental implants, sedation dentistry, full mouth reconstruction, smile design, CEREC, porcelain bonding, and orthodontics. Dr. Thompson was also granted Preferred Graduate status from the highly-acclaimed Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.

Dr Thompson OfficeDr. Thompson and his compassionate team are highly-focused on providing excellence in customer service, in a warm, caring environment for their patients. Dr. Thompson is skilled to handle a full spectrum of dental conditions, which means individuals should not feel self-conscious about coming to the office, even if they’ve neglected the dental office for years. Hybridge patients can also enjoy the opportunity to speak to the dentist about their goals and objectives in the Hybridge consultation room, often with a spouse or loved one present. This process is helpful in order make informed decisions as it relates to Hybridge and all of the treatment options available.

“My biggest fears were cost and embarrassment—and both of those concerns were addressed in my first meeting. You’ve got nothing to lose to at least go to that first appointment and see what they can do for you,” happy Hybridge patient Jennifer affirms. 

Hybridge dental implants gives patients the second chance for a beautiful smile they’ve always longed for. Many will bring in high school photos in hopes to re-claim their youthful smile, and others will be highly involved in creating the smile of their dreams. Hybridge dental implants is a highly-esthetic solution that provides natural smiles, dental comfort, and restores confidence.

Peter L. Thompson, DDS invites area residents to schedule an informative consultation to learn more about Hybridge dental implants. Call 575-359-1011or visit