Lake Norman Residents Now Have Access to a Nationally-Recognized Full Mouth Dental Implant Solution

Trusted Denver, NC dentist, G. Monte McCourt, D.D.S., of West LKN Dentistry is proud to be the only doctor in the Lake Norman region certified to offer a state-of-the-art and simplified approach to replacing missing or unhealthy teeth with Hybridge Dental Implants. With the hallmarks of the Hybridge brand representing advanced technology, proven protocols, and modern materials, patients can enjoy significantly reduced treatment times without sacrificing quality. Dr. McCourt joins a select national network of highly-respected dentists who are certified to offer this cutting-edge treatment protocol to patients in need.

Dr. Monte McCourt

A Chapel Hill graduate with over 30 years in dentistry, Dr. McCourt well knows the life-changing relief that is felt when there’s a permanent option that can finally stop the endless cycle of root canals, crowns and bridge work for a patient with chronic dental issues. Hybridge is a proven protocol to help those that have been struggling with chronic dental infection and pain, or failing conventional dentistry.

Hybridge dental implants also restore full dental function to those that experience limitations from ill-fitting dentures or partials. Where dentures are supported on gum tissue, Hybridge dental implants offer a hygienic and supportive substructure to patients, providing a healthy environment to prevent bone loss and a foundation that supports the ability to eat and chew foods that were once limited for these denture or partial wearers, such as leafy salads or the breads and bagels.

Always focused on providing the latest in technology and dental implant treatment, Dr. McCourt is proud to offer Lake Norman and surrounding residents such an advanced approach for full mouth restorations with Hybridge. Where full arch treatment used to take 12-18 months, patients can now achieve a beautiful, natural smile in a short matter of time. This simplified treatment approach, in combination with Dr. McCourt’s seasoned experience, comprehensive and personalized care, will make patients feel at ease.

Lake Norman NCDr. McCourt continually layers onto his 30 years in dentistry with the latest in dental implant education. He also stays actively involved in highly respected dental organizations, such as his membership in the ICOI, which is recognized as the world leader in dental implant education. In addition to Dr. McCourt’s experience, he is surrounded by a highly knowledgeable staff with compassionate approach to patient care. From the moment a patient calls Dr. McCourt’s Hybridge office at West LKN Dentistry, they will understand the high-level of service that is consistently delivered by his personable and skilled team. With continual guidance and support from Dr. McCourt and the team, patients can make well-informed decisions to reach their treatment goals and enjoy peace of mind from a predictable treatment process to follow.

Whether you’ve visited the dentist regularly or avoided the dentist for years, Dr. G. Monte McCourt offers a wide range of comprehensive dental services. These services cover the realm of preventative dentistry to periodontal maintenance therapy, advanced techniques for gum recession, and complex dental implant-related needs—from a single tooth replacement to a Hybridge full mouth restoration. During your initial consultation, Dr. McCourt will listen to your treatment objectives and guide you through the prognosis of your current dental scenario. He will outline the treatment options available to you and take the time to make sure that you understand what is involved with the treatment process so that you know what to expect from your upcoming treatment. Dr. McCourt and his team are sure to make you smile, from the moment you pick up the phone and for a lifetime thereafter, with newly restored dental health, comfort, and confidence.

Doctor McCourt invites area residents to schedule an informative consultation to learn more about Hybridge dental implants. Call 704-771-1616 or visit