Hybridge Dental Implant Solutions

Options Circle Full Arch TN 250x250Whether you're considering a lower jaw or an upper jaw full arch dental implant bridge, or maybe even full arch full-mouth restoration, every Hybridge solution includes a finely crafted prosthetic restoration supported by permanent titanium dental implants. These implants provide the necessary stimulation for bone growth and health. By attaching permanently to the implants instead of the gums or natural teeth, Hybridge's full arch dental implant solutions eliminate the many problems associated with conventional treatments. During the Hybridge dental implant treatment process, patients receive temporary, comfortable tooth replacements to ensure that they never go without teeth. Because everyone is different, we don't just offer one dental implant option. Hybridge Dental Implant doctors believe the right treatment is the one that's best for the patient, and so there is more than just one Hybridge solution available.  Hybridge dentists offer three primary dental implant bridge treatment options: 

 HYBRIDGE ® Gen3 or 4

The Hybridge Full Mouth Restoration replaces all of the teeth on either the upper jaw, the lower jaw, or both. Many patients arrive having had their natural teeth already removed, while others are just starting to evaluate alternatives to their natural teeth. If the natural teeth still remain, a thorough exam and consultation with a Hybridge Certified doctor will determine if replacing the natural teeth is an appropriate option. Once the decision has been made to replace all the teeth in one or both jaws, dental implant treatment options can be discussed. 

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We are proud to introduce Hybridge XD (Express Digital), now the most efficient and simple digital protocol available to patients for full arch restorations. Just how simple is it? Hybridge’s patent-pending breakthrough requires only one appointment after surgery, shortening the entire treatment process down to just two weeks from implant placement to delivery of your final full arch prosthesis. So, while everyone may leave the office the day of surgery with temporary teeth, with Hybridge XD, our patients are also completely done in as little as two weeks.

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 HYBRIDGE ® Zirconia

There have been many significant advancements in dentistry that dentists would consider to be game changers. One of those advancements was the discovery of Zirconia as a dental material. Over a decade ago, Zirconia was introduced to the dental world as a ceramic material intended to be utilized for the fabrication of Zirconia crowns and Zirconia bridges. Prettau Zirconia is one of three materials available for Hybridge full arch restorations depending on the treatment recommendations of your Hybridge Certified dental implant doctor.

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Look, Feel, and Function Like Healthy, Natural Teeth

If you have compromised teeth, it’s easy to get caught in the endless cycle of time-intensive and expensive crowns, bridgework, and dentures that only provide a temporary fix to your problem. Choosing any of our Hybridge Dental Implant Full Arch treatments will end this cycle, permanently.


Enjoy Lasting Benefits with Hybridge Dental Implants

Every Hybridge restoration is created right here in the U.S.A. at the Hybridge Dental Laboratory, with precision technology and craftsmanship, ensuring an authentic solution that gives patients the healthy mouth and beautiful teeth they’ve always wanted. The newfound comfort, renewed confidence, and ease of maintenance they enjoy with Hybridge, really does transform their quality of life for many years to come.

End The Cycle Of Dental Frustration
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There are Many Full Arch Treatment Options Available

With so many treatment options available to patients in need of replacement teeth, it's important to understand there can be vast differences in the final outcome of these treatments. Often times, a patient won't realize the limitations of a full arch solution until after treatment has begun. Over the years we've met many people that didn't realize what they were sacrificing by choosing an alternative and then found themselves turning to Hybridge in the hopes of correcting their situation.  There are in fact so many kinds of full arch restorations on the market it wouldn't be possible to list the pros and cons for all of them. The best advice we can give is, if something is important to you, don't be afraid to ask a question. A qualified doctor should be able to share the right treatments options to fit most of your needs, but also help you understand what you may have to accept could be different.  Below are some key considerations that you'll want to factor in when comparing some of the more common full-arch options available.

Full Arch Dental Options Hybridge Dental Implants Other Full
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  Leave the office with teeth the same day. Circle Checkmark Circle Checkmark Circle Checkmark Circle Checkmark
  Look like natural teeth. Circle Checkmark Circle Checkmark Circle Checkmark  Circle Checkmark
  Won't slip or fall out of your mouth. Circle Checkmark Circle Checkmark Circle Checkmark   
  Permanently fixed and function like real teeth. Circle Checkmark Circle Checkmark    
  Allow you to eat the foods you love. Circle Checkmark Circle Checkmark    
  Designed to be durable and long lasting. Circle Checkmark Circle Checkmark    
  Supported on 5 or 6 dental implants. Circle Checkmark      
  Final definitive restoration in as little as 2 weeks. Circle Checkmark      
  Entire treatment is planned with the final restoration in mind.

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  Most cost effective solution with the best long term value.
  (When all factors are considered, including long term maintenance.)

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Trust Hybridge Full Arch Solutions for Restored Dental Health and Function


Hybridge Lab Technology Artistry Tommy w450Hybridge addresses primary dental issues with simple and long-lasting full arch dental implant treatment options for just about anyone. Best of all, the typical process takes place in one location, and in far less time than conventional methods.


Highly skilled artisans in the Hybridge Laboratory seamlessly blend the latest materials and technology to create tooth replacements that look completely natural.


The accuracy and efficiency of the Hybridge process make it the best, most cost-effective option available for quality, long-lasting dental restorations.

Find out if Hybridge Dental Implants are right for you.

Visit our Locator Map to find the closest Hybridge Certified Dental Implant Doctor near you.  Fill out the simple contact form or give them a call to make an appointment for a thorough Hybridge diagnostic screening. As part of your evaluation, we will develop a customized treatment plan to outline which Hybridge option is best for you.

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