Hybridge Full Arch Dental Implant Bridge Solution

Cycle of Dental Frustration

If you have compromised teeth, it’s easy to get caught in the endless cycle of time-intensive and expensive crowns and bridgework that only provide a temporary fix to your dental problems.

End the Cycle with
Hybridge Full Mouth Dental Implants

Cycle of Dental Frustration

Hybridge gives patients the ability to smile again and eat the foods they love.Whether you're considering a lower jaw, an upper jaw or maybe even a full-mouth restoration, every Hybridge includes a finely crafted prosthetic restoration supported by permanent titanium dental implants. These implants provide the necessary stimulation for bone growth and health. By attaching permanently to the implants, Hybridge's full arch dental implant solutions eliminate the many problems associated with conventional treatments. During the Hybridge dental implant treatment process, patients receive temporary, comfortable tooth replacements to ensure that they never go without teeth. Because everyone is different, Hybridge Dental Implant doctors believe the right treatment is the one that's best for each patient.

Every Hybridge restoration is created right here in the U.S.A. at the Hybridge Dental Laboratory, with precision technology and craftsmanship, ensuring an authentic solution that gives patients the healthy mouth and beautiful teeth they’ve always wanted. The newfound comfort, renewed confidence, and ease of maintenance they enjoy with Hybridge, really does transform their quality of life for many years to come.

We asked doctors why they choose to offer Hybridge over other Full Mouth Dental Implant Solutions?

A Brand You Can Trust
Hybridge is a trusted national brand with a 25+ year track record.
A Faster Process
With Hybridge, our patients receive their temporary teeth the day of surgery and their final smile in as few as two weeks.
Superior Product
Every Hybridge is created in the state-of-the-art Hybridge full arch specialty laboratory – right here in the United States, ensuring consistent, quality standards for our patients.
Number of Implants
Hybridge is supported on 5-6 implants per arch. In the rare event that one of the implants were to fail, Hybridge would still be fully functional, unlike other options which could fail.
Durable & Adjustable Materials
Hybridge is made of high-quality materials designed for both durability and adjustability, so that any issues with speech, cheek biting, etc. can be taken care of right in our office with ease.
Hybridge materials allow us to design the smile our patients have dreamed of.
Simple Sequence of Appointments
Hybridge allows us to share an easy sequence of appointments with you, which will help you plan your life around treatment and know what to expect – every step of the way.
In general, Hybridge is less expensive than other implant solutions due to the use of advanced technology and significantly fewer appointments.
Easy Maintenance
Hybridge's simple design enables us to teach our patients how to easily keep their Hybridge clean and problem-free. If an issue were ever to arise, Hybridge materials make repairs both easy and affordable.
Full Arch Dental Restoration Options Chart

When compared to alternative options, the difference is clear.

Full ARCH Dental Restoration Options

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Other Full
Arch Systems
Snap On
Leave the office with teeth the same day.
Look like natural teeth.
Won't slip or fall out of your mouth.
Permanently fixed and function like real teeth.
Allow you to eat the foods you love.
Designed to be durable and long lasting.
Supported on 5 or 6 dental implants.
Final definitive restoration in as little as 2 weeks.
Entire treatment planned with the final restoration in mind.
Cost effective solution with the best long term value.*
*When all factors are considered, including long term maintenance.