Hybridge Dental Implant Patient Testimonials

See how real patients have transformed their lives with the Hybridge Full Arch Dental Implant System.

After hiding her smile for nearly a decade, Verna was able to find a permanent solution with a Hybridge Certified Doctor.

Typically a very happy person, Verna found herself hiding her smile and refusing to take pictures with her kids. As time went on, the emotional impact of Verna's dental issues were taking a toll.  After hearing an advertisement about Hybridge dental implants, she was hopeful that there was a solution that would give her an alternative to dentures. For the first time in years, Verna was going to have "...teeth in my mouth that were mine."  When she received her final Hybridge, she was overwhelmed with emotion. Today, Verna can laugh and smile as much as she wants to, without even having to think about it.  She exclaimed, "Hybridge changed my life."

After years of dental problems and failed procedures, Gene knew he needed to find a solution.

Gene struggled with failed crowns and bridges due to tooth decay. He was often told that he did not have enough bone for dental implants, but he knew he did not want dentures.  Gene started doing his research on permanent solutions. When he discovered Hybridge, he felt more comfortable knowing that the dental lab and the doctors work together throughout the whole process. The process and final result were even better than what he expected. Thanks to his Hybridge Certified Doctor, he no longer needs to live with any dental pain. He doesn't have to worry about what he can eat, and he can chew even better than he ever could before. Gene says, "It's been wonderful...Hybridge did change my life."

Beginning in her teenage years Cindy never smiled because she feared people judging her for having bad teeth.

Cindy lived in pain and embarrassment due to the deteriorating condition of her teeth. Having no motivation to go anywhere or do anything was not easy to live with. When it finally got to be too much for Cindy, she put her trust in a Hybridge Certified Doctor. “I have never ever been happier in my life than I am now,” Cindy exclaims.

Whether it was worrying about a social situation or overall health, this led Charlaine to find a Hybridge doctor that would change her life.

Charlaine would have to plan every outing and social situation due to the odor of her teeth. She worried about an infection potentially going system-wide that could lead to other health issues. After realizing how much continuous dental procedures would cost, Charlaine decided to resolve her concerns. Her Hybridge Certified Doctor explained everything to her in great detail. According to Charlaine, getting Hybridge was, “one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It changed my life, and I’m worth it.”

Rosalie’s accident put her through a traumatic experience with an upper denture. Thankfully, she was able to find her permanent solution with a Hybridge Certified Doctor.

After an unfortunate accident Rosalie was forced to wear an upper denture. This not only affected her emotionally but simple tasks like speaking and eating became a challenge. Rosalie expressed that, "...the way you speak, your teeth...it becomes a total reflection of you," which left her feeling unhealthy and self-conscious. Thanks to her Hybridge Certified Doctor her life was completely transformed. “Here I am again…I’m back,” Rosalie exclaims.

Scotty was not able to be himself due to the physical and emotional struggle with his dental health. He knew he needed to make a change.

Losing all his back teeth in his mid 20’s, led Scotty to have to learn how to eat without teeth. He isolated himself and tried to avoid awkward situations by not eating certain foods in public. Scotty’s profession required him to speak in front of large groups on professional development. Only being able to reveal a part of himself due to the internal and external struggle with his dental health, he knew he needed to make a change. Scotty claims, “My Hybridge doctor literally changed my life...there is not a hindrance in anything that I can do.”

When Tom’s dental issues were affecting his family, he knew he needed something done.

Tom’s natural teeth were breaking off and falling out. He ended up losing weight due to the lack of nutrients brought on by the poor diet his dental issues caused. His Hybridge doctor set everything up in a plan for him. After leaving the office the day he received his new teeth, the first thing he did was stop on the way home to eat a burger. Tom expressed, “I am just so grateful that this has been done to me. Now, I can smile. I have all the confidence in the world.”

After years of dental issues and failed treatments, Kristen knew she wanted something more for herself. Something that would be worth it.

Kristen’s dental issues affected her relationship with her husband, and most of all, her self-esteem. She became reclusive to things she used to love to do. Because of the embarrassment for the need to puree and mash her food, she didn’t sit at the dinner table with her family for a year. When crowns and root canals became a financial burden, Kristen decided she needed to invest in a treatment that was quality, and most importantly something that would last.

In the U.S. one out of every two adults over the age of 30 has periodontal disease. For many, this results in the loss of their natural teeth.

Colleen needed a solution when she started losing her natural teeth in her 30s, after years of struggling with periodontal disease. Colleen didn’t want to wear dentures, so her dentist recommended Hybridge. Colleen attended a Hybridge patient seminar and was really excited about Hybridge when she left. Her husband was supportive and urged her to recognize, “Who is more important but you and your health?” Happiness and health meant a lot to Colleen, so she went through the Hybridge process for her quality of life. “The end results were just wonderful,” she smiled.