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Hybridge Dental Implant Patient Testimonials

Don't take our word for it. See what real patients have to say about their Hybridge Dental Implant experience.

Whether it was worrying about a social situation or overall health, this led Charlaine to find a Hybridge doctor that would change her life.

Charlaine would have to plan every outing and social situation due to the odor of her teeth. She worried about an infection potentially going system-wide that could lead to other health issues. After realizing how much continuous dental procedures would cost, Charlaine decided to resolve her concerns. Her Hybridge doctor explained everything to her in great detail. According to Charlaine, getting Hybridge was, “one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It changed my life, and I’m worth it.”

When Tom’s dental issues were affecting his family, he knew he needed something done.

Tom’s natural teeth were breaking off and falling out. He ended up losing weight due to the lack of nutrients brought on by the poor diet his dental issues caused. His Hybridge doctor set everything up in a plan for him. After leaving the office the day he received his new teeth, the first thing he did was stop on the way home to eat a burger. Tom expressed, “I am just so grateful that this has been done to me. Now, I can smile. I have all the confidence in the world.”

Forced to chew with just his front teeth, Bob knew he needed a solution, but he couldn’t tolerate dentures. After seeing many dentists, he found his answer with a Hybridge doctor.

Bob couldn’t stand having dentures, and not being able to sit down to eat a meal without pain. He knew that dental implants were the way to go. After seeing 10 dentists, with no one willing to do dental implants on the top, Bob found a Hybridge doctor that was able to treat his upper mouth. Thanks to his Hybridge doctor, people come up to him and tell him how great his teeth look. Since his Hybridge treatment, Bob shared, “I knew that things were going to get only better from here on out.”

After years of dental issues and failed treatments, Kristen knew she wanted something more for herself. Something that would be worth it.

Kristen’s dental issues affected her relationship with her husband, and most of all, her self-esteem. She became reclusive to things she used to love to do. Because of the embarrassment for the need to puree and mash her food, she didn’t sit at the dinner table with her family for a year. When crowns and root canals became a financial burden, Kristen decided she needed to invest in a treatment that was quality, and most importantly something that would last.

When Linda couldn’t even look at herself in the mirror, she knew she had to find someone to help her get her smile back.

Linda found herself staying home and becoming depressed about how her smile looked. After having many bad experiences with several dentists, she met with a Hybridge doctor and just knew it was going to be different. They made her feel very comfortable and explained everything. She never could have dreamed that her smile could look so good. “I would tell anyone it’s worth it”, exclaims Linda.

After several decades of attempting to improve his smile, Mike’s situation escalated in his 40s when his teeth weakened and eventually loosened.

His quality of life was impacted, limiting the foods he was able to enjoy and his ability to smile without feeling self-conscious around others. The motivation to find a final path to address all these issues led Mike to the Hybridge solution. Today, Mike loves his Hybridge smile and he can finally enjoy a crisp apple and corn on the cob again. He recommends Hybridge to his friends, and he and his wife are certain that the investment in his health and his happiness for the long-term was well worth it.

In the U.S. one out of every two adults over the age of 30 has periodontal disease. For many, this results in the loss of their natural teeth.

Colleen needed a solution when she started losing her natural teeth in her 30s, after years of struggling with periodontal disease. Colleen didn’t want to wear dentures, so her dentist recommended Hybridge. Colleen attended a Hybridge patient seminar and was really excited about Hybridge when she left. Her husband was supportive and urged her to recognize, “Who is more important but you and your health?” Happiness and health meant a lot to Colleen, so she went through the Hybridge process for her quality of life. “The end results were just wonderful,” she smiled.

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