What is Hybridge?

Patients who have come to the realization that replacing their natural teeth with dental implants makes the most sense must begin the process of evaluating the dentists who offer implant services and the process itself. In a nutshell, Hybridge provides highly qualified dentists, a consistent process, and offers both quality dental implants and the final Hybridge restorations they support.

Hybridge Certified Doctor Network

Hybridge Certified Dental Implant Dentists

Hybridge Dental Implant solutions are offered by a nationwide network of leaders in the field of implant dentistry. The criteria required to become a Hybridge certified provider is at the foundation of a selection process that ensures this national network is comprised of only specialists and highly trained dentists. These standards ensure that patients can trust the qualifications of the providers they choose to solve their complex dental problems.

In addition to qualification criteria, each Hybridge Certified Dentist must complete multiple rigorous training courses when learning the Hybridge clinical process — a proven process established over the last 25 years by its founders Drs. Frank and James LaMar.

The Hybridge Full Mouth Dental Implant Bridge System

The standardized Hybridge clinical protocol has proven to speed up the total treatment process for patients as compared to conventional techniques while ensuring safe, highly esthetic, predictable results. Hybridge is the only full mouth restoration option available that has established a requirement of such a consistent clinical process through its comprehensive training methods. The process has standardized many of the clinical steps, which safeguards that the same technique is used regardless of which Hybridge office the patient chooses.

Drs. Frank & James LaMar
Dr. Frank & Dr. James LaMar
Hybridge Lab Artisan

Making the Hybridge Full Mouth Bridge

The manufacturing of the teeth themselves should be of importance to patients when choosing a Full Arch dental implant solution. Understanding how the final Hybridge restoration is made, its material composition, as well as the talents required of the artisan technicians at the Hybridge Laboratory, will help fulfill treatment objectives and expectations of a new smile. Patients rely on the positive and proven reputation of the process, and Hybridge providers stand by the quality of the products they create made for lasting results for patients.