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As Hybridge Certified Full Arch Dental Implant Bridge Doctors, we create custom, long-lasting dental implant solutions that let you eat, smile and feel confident about your teeth once and for all.
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Providing Dental Implant Bridge Solutions to Bridgewater, VA, Elkton, VA, Broadway, VA, McGaheysville, VA, Grottoes, VA, and their surrounding communities.

Dr. Scott Dunaway and the team at Valley Smile Care has a steadfast focus on providing excellence in dental care and a superior patient experience.  Providing exceptional service to their patients and their teammates is the foundation of their success.  Known for his attention to detail, Dr. Scott Dunaway is dedicated to serving Harrisonburg and surrounding area residents with the highest level of care by providing advanced technologies and becoming trained in the latest techniques to treat patients with even the most complex dental issues. Patients are always welcomed to a relaxed, state-of-the-art dental care environment, where patients come first, team comes before self, and where teammates are humble and gracious. The doctors and team at Valley Smile Care communicate clearly, early, and truthfully with all patients, team members and leaders. At Valley Smile Care, your oral health, individual goals and needs are the greatest priority.

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Scott A. Dunaway, DDS
Scott A. Dunaway, DDS

Dr. Scott Dunaway is a seasoned general dentist with a passion for creating healthy, radiant smiles. Graduating with distinction from West Virginia University, he has dedicated over two decades to serving the Harrisonburg/Rockingham County community. Dr. Dunaway's expertise spans various specialties, including implants, cosmetics, and total reconstruction procedures, allowing him to deliver top-notch dental care tailored to each patient's needs.

Beyond the dental office, Dr. Dunaway finds joy in the great outdoors, relishing moments spent amidst nature's beauty. Whether hiking through scenic trails or enjoying outdoor activities, he embraces the rejuvenating power of nature. Dr. Dunaway's zest for connections extends beyond his professional sphere. Embracing the world of hospitality, he finds delight in hosting and engaging with new faces through his Bed and Breakfast. With a warm and welcoming demeanor, Dr. Dunaway creates inviting spaces where guests feel at home, fostering memorable experiences for those passing through. His passion for meeting diverse individuals adds a vibrant dimension to his life, allowing him to forge connections beyond the confines of traditional interactions. Dr. Dunaway values connections deeply and cherishes spending quality time with cherished friends and family members, enriching his life beyond his professional achievements. Passionate about his work and personal pursuits, Dr. Dunaway's dedication shines through, both in and out of the clinic, reflecting his commitment to excellence and a well-balanced life.